Photography Classes
I’ve been teaching photography to adults in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980. Many of my students have returned for additional classes, which I take to mean they liked how I teach, or they didn’t learn it all the first time, or both. Here are some of my upcoming classes, and the venues where I plan to teach them in 2014:
(Note: You must register for these classes through the education programs hosting them. Their web sites and printed catalogs contain more detailed descriptions of the classes.)

Register through Point Reyes Field Institute,      

Creative Photography Weekend
This class will introduce you to a wide range of creative possibilities, lovely low-tech ways of giving your photos a new look, accomplished almost entirely in-camera rather than in Photoshop. Through a series of classroom talks and demonstrations, field sessions in several scenic locations, and evaluations of your results, we will explore the many uses of blur through motion and shallow depth-of-field, photographing moonrise and moonset, night photography by moonlight and town lights, star trails, polarizing and special effects filters, pinhole photography, and other techniques as time permits. Our overriding goals will be to try some new techniques, get our creative juices flowing, and have some fun. It will be a full weekend, but at a leisurely pace. You should leave enlightened but not exhausted.
Held at the secluded Clem Miller Environmental Education Center near Limantour Beach
Friday, May 16, 7:00 pm-Sunday, May 18, 4:00 pm
Limited to 12 students. Cost: $320, $300 for PRNSA members

Dramatic Shoreline Photography
Extra-low tides at sunrise and a chance to photograph the Pt. Reyes lighthouse lit after sunset: These and other special conditions occurring this weekend will allow you to photograph some of the seashore's most beautiful coastal landscapes at their very best. This class combines several guided field trips with classroom sessions where we'll review the fundamentals of good composition, discuss techniques for seeing with fresh eyes, and talk about digital capture and image enhancement, using filters, and how to work with the sun, moon, tides, and weather to get the best from any landscape location. We'll also review some of your photos from the weekend to see what worked and what didn't. This will be a full weekend, but the pace will be leisurely. The goal is to leave you enlightened but not exhausted.
Held at the historic Lifeboat Station near Chimney Rock.
Friday, July 25, 7:00 pm-Sunday, July 27, 4:00 pm
Limited to 12 students. Cost $320, $300 for PRNSA members

Designing Great Landscape Photos
Spend a day learning how to translate the beauty you see in subjects ranging from tiny wildflowers to broad landscapes into strong, expressive photos in both color and black and white. You’ll learn the principles of good composition plus how to work with light direction, time of day, weather and tides. The day will be a mixture of lecture, slide shows, exercises to expand your creative vision, evaluating some of your past work, and a field photo session. Suitable for photographers of all skill levels.
Held at the Red Barn classroom near the Bear Valley Visitor Center, Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Sunday, August 17, 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Limited to 16 students. Cost: $100, $90 for PRNSA members

Register through Civic Arts,

The Magic of Black and White
Without the distraction of color you can make powerful images that reveal the essence of a landscape--yes, I really believe this, which is why I shoot so much black and white!
We'll cover composition, seeing with fresh eyes, conventional and infrared digital capture, and processing RAW files for best results. Film shooters are welcome, too.
Three Wednesday evenings and two Saturday field trips to great nearby locations timed for the best lighting, including a full moonrise.
Held at Walnut Creek Civic Arts Education's Shadelands campus, Ygnacio Valley Road at Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek.
Wednesdays, April 9-23, 7:30-9:30 pm  
Saturday, April 12, 4:30-8:30 pm and Saturday, April 19, 6:30-11:00 am
Limited to 15 students. Cost: $99.00



We meet one night a week for 10 weeks. No field trips, but very reasonably priced.
Enroll on-line here.

Basic Digital and Film Photography
Photo fundamentals for beginners: understanding camera controls, working in black and white and color, plus practical assignments in composition, landscape, and people.
Tuesday nights, 7:30-9:30, April 8-June 10
Limited to 20 students. Cost: $92, seniors $83

Advanced Photo Workshop
Students each choose a personal photo project, create a body of work, make prints, matte and frame them, and we hang an exhibit at the end. Lots of help and guidance along the way. Highly recommended for expanding your skills.
Thursday nights, 7:30-9:30, April 10-June 12, plus exhibit hanging the evening of June 19
Limited to 16 students. Cost $92, seniors $83